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Mediation Services

Navigating Family Disputes

Anderson Law, P.C., located in Libertyville, IL, offers professional mediation services to help families navigate through challenging disputes. Karissa Anderson is an experienced mediator who understand the sensitivity and emotional dynamics involved in family conflicts, and our goal is to guide parties toward peaceful resolutions. With a focus on open communication, respect, and collaboration, our mediation services provide a confidential and neutral environment where all parties can discuss their concerns and work towards mutually beneficial agreements.

We are experienced in all areas of family law.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation provides a non-confrontational environment that emphasizes solutions over positions, fostering a future-focused approach. The goal of mediation is to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes through open communication and collaboration.

What is a Mediator’s Role?

The role of the mediator is that of an impartial third party who has no vested interest in any specific outcome. While the mediator does not provide legal advice, they assist the disputing parties in discussing and resolving their differences. The mediator’s role is that of an unbiased facilitator and not that of an attorney, therapist, or financial advisor. It’s important to note that the mediator does not guarantee any particular outcome or resolution of the issues raised during the mediation process.

Why Retain the Services of a Mediator?

  • Share your needs and the reasoning behind your situation and feelings
  • Focus on the priorities for your family’s future
  • Take the time to make voluntary decisions instead of leaving them to a judge
  • Develop creative solutions to meet your family’s specific needs
  • Tailor the process to meet both parties where they are, rather than following a predefined outline
  • Foster open lines of communication, as ongoing communication may be necessary after the case
  • Establish expectations of the other parent, as relying solely on lawyers to communicate and make decisions may lead to uncertainty about how to implement the agreement

What Items Can be Mediated?

  • Anything
  • Decision-making process for school, extracurricular activities, medical issues
  • Parenting time
  • Holiday parenting time
  • Division of assets and debts

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Prepare for Your Mediation Session With Our Mediation Checklist

What to do Before Your Session

  • Consider your goals for the session and your divorce:
    1. Evaluate both short-term and long-term possibilities.
    2. Take into account what is realistic given your circumstances, finances, and the law.
    3. Examine whether any goals are solely rooted in emotions.
  • Brainstorm potential solutions to meet your goals.
  • Create a list of topics you would like to discuss during mediation:
    1. Ensure that the topics relate to your goals.
    2. Do not limit the topics to only significant matters.
  • Review and securely save recent financial statements such as bank accounts, credit card statements, and retirement plans.
  • Review and securely save two recent pay stubs.
  • Prepare a preliminary list of your financial accounts and assets.
  • Familiarize yourself with legal terms that may arise during mediation.
  • If you require assistance with steps 1 to 7, consult with a divorce professional before your first mediation session.
  • Revisit and complete any remaining paperwork, such as the mediator intake form.
  • Submit the payment to the mediator.

Please Bring to Your Session

  1. Your list of topics
  2. Your list of financial accounts and assets
  3. Copies of statements and income information
  4. Water, coffee, or other beverages
  5. An open mind to consider topics, proposals, and possible solutions raised in mediation

After Your Session

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Review any notes you took
  3. Review summary from mediator
  4. Compare agreements reached to your goals
  5. Review agreements reached with a divorce professional


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